The Banias , Golan Heights
Detailed Information
  • The Banyas Waterfall – the Banyas is the most powerful waterfall in Israel – it falls 10 meters with enormous force and noise into a beautiful pool surrounded by vegetation. You can view the waterfall (and get wet from the splashing water) from the well-built wooden boardwalk. The noise of the flowing water and the spectacular sight make this a most enjoyable experience.
  • The Hanging Trail – the Nature and Parks Authority has made part of the stream accessible by means of the “hanging trail”, 100 meters long, along which you can walk close to the rushing waters.
  • The Shrine and Cave of Pan – close to the Banyas spring a broad pathway of steps ascends to the Cave of Pan. The five niches cut into the cliff next to the cave are the remains of the shrine of the Greek god Pan, for which the place is named – Panyas (in Arabic – Banyas). At the front of the cave there are the remains of a temple built by King Herod to the god Pan.
  • The Matruf Flour Mill – this is an active flour mill which still serves the villagers of Mas’ada and En Kiniya, and there are other ruined flour mills along the stream (the Um Ra’i mill near Nahal Sa’ar, and the Al-Mahadeh and Sab’ah mills near the waterfall), with Roman and Crusader architectural remains.
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merom golan , Merom Golan, Golan Heights , Israel 14.92 km
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98 , Golan Heights no, Israel 6.81 km
Sonol Buqata Station
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